Severe Weather Emergency Provision


SST has been scouring the borough for the last week finding rough sleepers and offering them a bed under the Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP).

SWEP is a pan London scheme, which enables outreach teams to offer people sleeping rough, short term emergency accommodation, when the temperature is forecast to drop below zero degrees for 3 consecutive days or more. These offers are unconditional and a person’s usual right to housing in the borough or immigration status become irrelevant. The aim of SWEP is quite simple; it is there to preserve the lives of those without accommodation during these cold spells.

So far, during the recent cold snap, SST has booked 16 people into SWEP beds (which we are pleased to announce is an SST record). Although we will have to ask them to leave their temporary accommodation when the weather warms up we, we always try to direct them towards a long term accommodation offer and continue to work with people after they leave.